Aroma Diffuser PG-AD-001C

Brief Introduction

With the Bernoulli’s principle, the nebulizing essential oil aroma diffuser offer the most effective dispersal and the most complete rendering of both the natural scent and the therapeutic properties of 100% pure and organic essential oils. This aroma diffuser is designed to diffuse essential oils safely, quietly in most efficient and healthy way while maximizing each drop of oil without any water or heat. With the ceramic housing, this aroma diffuser looks much textured. You can also treat it as an artware for decoration.


  • Unlike ultrasonic aroma diffuser, our essential oil nebulizing aroma diffuser creates suspended thin mist without adding water. Our aroma diffuser apply an air pump to force oil molecules into very micro-particles to create a dry mist that is released into the air.
  • 7 Soothing LED Lights: Soft light creates relax and romantic atmosphere. The color can be cycled through or set it to one fixed color as you like.
  • Unique and compact design: Hand crafted ceramic aroma diffuser designed out of the highest quality porcelain, it can also be used to a decoration for your home and office.
  • Adopt advanced rubber coating, you will feel the smooth body in your palm.
  • 10ml essential oil will last around 30 to 120 hours, apply the touch switch to choose from three operating modes to control the intermittence of the mist.
  • Suitable for meetings, meditation, sleep, office, and work.

Push-button Direction

Mechanical Dimensions


Model No.Essential Oil Nebulizing Aroma Diffuser PG-AD-001C
Capacity10 ml essential oil bottle
MaterialCeramic, PP
LED Lights7 colors cycle
Applicative Area20-40㎡
ColorPink, Gray, Flax, Mint
Intermittence Adjustable15s/30s/60s
Working hours15s mode 120 hours/10ml
30s mode 60 hours/10ml
60s mode 30 hours/10ml
Duration Time2 hours Auto Shut-off
Essential Oil BottleNot Included
Accessories1m USB Cable, User Manual

Packing Information

Quantity in Box1PCS/Box
Gross Weight in Box380g
Box Size141.5mm*141.5mm
Quantity in Carton18 pcs/carton
Net Weight in Carton7.4 kg/carton
Gross weight in Carton8.4 kg/carton
Carton Size45cm(L)* 45cm(W)* 30cm(H)


This compact, beautiful, energy-efficient nebulizing essential oil diffuser is perfect for individuals, professionals and businesses, etc. This oil diffuser is the best choice for those who wish to experience the fantastic aroma and full health value of only pure essential oil.


  1. Our aroma diffuser is intended only for use with 100% pure essential oils. Carrier oils (like coconut, jojoba, or almond) typically found in mixtures for topical use may clog the thin nebulizer tube.
  2. The mist of the diffuser is very small, it only can be seen under the light to check if the machine is working.
  3. We suggest you use one type of essential oil for one aroma diffuser only.

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