Exfoliating Shower Bath Mitt DC-BM063

Exfoliating Shower Bath Mitt DC-BM063


This exfoliating bath mitt DC-BM063 is designed to precisely clean and gently remove dead skin cells from your body surface for a healthy looking.


  1. Our shower bath mitt gently scrubs and rejuvenates your skin for the ultimate clean feeling.
  2. Cleanse and refresh skin with a gel, gently take off dead skin effectively during shower.
  3. Unclog pores and stimulate blood circulation.
  4. Improve the look and appearance of your skin by removing all dead skin cells and residual impurities.
  5. Various colors to choose from.
  6. Can be made as a perfect set with other products.
  7. Can be customized with a hook with your logo, or customized packing are acceptable.
  8. Can be used in home, hotels, spa room, etc.


Model No. Exfoliating Shower Bath Mitt DC-BM063
Material Nylon
Size 22*12cm
Weight 28.5g
Color Green, cream
Shape Bath glove
Brand Name OEM
Usage For home, hotels, spa room, etc.
Logo Type Silk screen on string, printed hang tags, etc.
Packing Each in an opp bag, hang tags, barcodes, customized packing are acceptable.


  1. Create rich lather for gently cleansing even the most sensitive skin with our bath mitt.
  2. HOW TO USE: Put the exfoliating bath mitt on, moisten glove with water and apply body wash. Gently massage over body, rinse and hang to dry.
  3. As it shrinks after soaked in water, it needs to be stretched back to tightly fit user’s hand to provide the best surface tension and the rough feel idealized for exfoliating purposes.
  4. Replace your bath mitt every three months for safe hygienic practices.

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